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The Parsifal motif from Wagner's last opera.
Research Projects

THE FOLLOWING five actual projects typify the areas of market research successfully undertaken by Parsifal Research. There is a focus on client studies, customer surveys and staff surveys. We would be happy to discuss any or all in greater depth.

1. Developing a Future Strategy: CSIRO Australia, Mineral Processing and Metal Production Sector.
An Australia-wide client study was undertaken for the Sector to explore client perceptions of CSIRO's service delivery and to determine the key areas of future opportunity for research projects.
Both personal interviews and a mailed questionnaire were used in the study. Respondents included senior operations and technical managers with some of Australia's largest mining companies.

2. Client Perceptions Study: Ove Arup & Partners.
Parsifal Research was commissioned by this international consulting engineering practice to explore how their clients regarded their engineering services, their client management and their competitive standing.
At the conclusion of the customer survey, a workshop was conducted with senior members of the partnership to develop an action plan to capitalise on the information gathered.

3. Audience Study: The Australian Ballet.
Two large studies were commissioned by the Board of the Australian Ballet Foundation. The first was an audience study and involved giving a mail-back questionnaire to over 9,000 members of the Ballet's audiences at performances in Melbourne and Sydney. A remarkable forty percent return rate was achieved. The second study involved 2,000 questionnaires mailed to randomly selected subscribers and lapsed subscribers.
Audience and subscriber profiles were developed and recommendations made concerning subscription specification, repertoire, advertising, promotion and audience development.
A special seminar for the Board on the results of the studies and their implications for future strategy was requested, following presentation of the preliminary results.

4. Assessment of Internal Support Services: Mallesons Stephen Jaques.
In this staff survey all staff of Mallesons Stephen Jaques Australia were invited to give very detailed feedback on each of eleven internal services provided to professional staff (for example, Information Technology, Human Resources, Facilities, Training). Following presentation of detailed results, significant changes were implemented and the effectiveness of these changes measured by a follow-up study twelve months later.

5. Client Study: Royal Guide Dog Association of New South Wales and ACT; Royal Guide Dog Association of Victoria.
Royal Guide Dog Associations in Victoria and New South Wales deliver a range of specialist services - mainly related to orientation and mobility - to clients with significant sight loss. Separate client surveys were conducted in each state to measure client perceptions of the quality and relevance of the services delivered.
Research methodologies included one-to-one depth interviews, focus groups and a quantitative telephone survey. Workshops were run with service delivery professional staff in both states to develop improvement programs.