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7 curiosities that will surprise you about the engagement ring

engagement rings

Do you know the meanings of the engagement ring? We present to you curiosities that will surprise you!

It is impossible to deny that we have all ever dreamed of our proposal. In fact, we get a silly smile just thinking about it … It’s a super romantic moment! In fact, all women believe that this moment should be special since it is another step in our lives.

And there is something that should close that “deal” or rather, that commitment. Something significant that makes that infinite love seal up to “yes, I do.” This is the long-awaited and desired ring! For this reason, it must be super special and trust jewelry whose work is extraordinary. 

Perhaps it is what makes us most excited, the ring is a symbol of the love you share, but why a ring? What does it mean? Where does this tradition come from? Here you have all the answers to be curious!

1. Origin

Already during the time of the Egyptians, they gave rings to their women, but why? In this way, they showed the confidence they had in them to be good wives and housewives. Thousands of years later, the Romans delivered the so-called annulus pronubus. It was a simple iron band given by the groom to the bride to seal their intention of engagement. In short, asking for marriage with a ring is a tradition that has been preserved to this day.

2. Situation

It is no coincidence that the engagement ring is placed on the ring finger. This is because the Egyptians considered that the fourth finger had a vein that led directly to the heart. Placing the ring there would make the affections unite and not escape through the tips of the fingers.

3. The stone

Some people prefer a simple or smooth ring, without anything else, but most women like it to be made up of some precious stone. Actually, it is assumed that the stone is not broken or lost or shattered so it symbolizes strength and purity, both in the commitment and in the couple

4. Type of stone

It is logical that depending on the stone it may have one meaning or another. The gemstone that accompanies engagement rings par excellence is the diamond. It represents perfection, the will to triumph, firmness, and rectitude. It is one of the most resistant stones and it means that your partner promises you, eternal love. Below are semi-precious stones such as turquoise, amethyst, aquamarine.

5. Number

We refer to how many stones your engagement ring will be made of. A single stone means the union of two in one and as the figure rises it means something different. For example, with three stones, each one of them represents a stage of the couple’s relationship. Something like “I loved you, I love you and I will always love you.”

6. Color of the stones

A young happy couple that just got engaged. Shallow depth of field with focus on the diamond engagement ring.

Just as there are differences according to the type of stone, there are also distinctions when it comes to the color of the stone chosen. The most popular colors in choosing this jewel are pink, white, and blue. The rose represented with the quartz (rose) signifies clarity in emotional issues; the white with the diamond, tranquility; and the blue with sapphire (stone of success, truth, and wisdom) shows close ties, happiness, and well-being.

But there are also others such as the ruby ​​that symbolizes confidence and intelligence or the emerald: abundance, provides balance and drives away negative forces.

7. Tone of the ring itself

It is true that many grooms already want something different and more original than the classic yellow gold. That is why now engagement ring stores offer white, rose, or silver gold. In addition to other shades, always adapting to your wishes. There are, in fact, those who risk a black ring that offers prosperity, health, fidelity, strength, and happiness. Do you dare?

Think that what really matters is the moment, who is asking you, and, of course, the new path that you are going to undertake with your partner because you have enough reasons to marry him. But, despite this, we all know that we love that moment when the boyfriend kneels down and utters that phrase that most women want to hear: “Do you want to marry me?”

Young happy couple holding hands and showing the diamond engagement ring. Shallow depth of field with strongest focus on the ring.

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