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Bathroom Design: 4 Basic Rules


Apartment buildings do not have a unique layout. For the organization of a bathroom, the developer will allocate a minimum of 3-5 m2. Having received a small space at your disposal, you still want to create a harmonious and functional bathroom design.

A careful approach to the search for ceramic tiles guarantees a stylish, practical design of small-sized utilitarian spaces.

Trends dictate conceptual minimalism, without flashy details. The stylistic line filled the designers’ imagination with simple, neat ideas, with organic decor. Choose a bathroom design in a light mood, then the smallest room will turn out to be a zone of comfort.

Successful color solutions

After renovating a bathroom, it is important to feel a pleasant atmosphere. Walls should not irritate or “crush”. The bath or shower area for many is salvation after a hard day, travel, or workout. A rational approach to the choice of ceramics is a chance to truly relax, recharge with vivacity and energy, regardless of the number of square meters.

Actual combinations of bathroom design:

Use popular light tones of beige, sandy, cream. The main task is not to make a mono-color room. Remove the “hospital room” effect by combining the dominant color with a darker version for the floor. A worthy example is the Spanish Century collection by Ceramica Ribesalbes;

Avoid contrasting transitions. Catchy accents are good for spacious rooms; tiny rooms require flowing boundaries;

Choose a warm color for a visual effect of calmness. A cool palette will provide extra space;

Decorating the room. Various vertical stripes, several rows of mosaics or tiles of the original texture (for example, Estoril from Bestile), in tone or several shades darker than the base, will come to the rescue ;

For lovers of chamber, dark bathroom design, there is also a good solution. Many people order graphite black or navy blue collections. Such saturated colors with gloss will embody the trendy bathroom design, with proper lighting organization. Neutral gray is also gaining popularity, working perfectly with snow-white fixtures, as in the Versus collection of the ITT Ceramic brand.

Bathroom design: a combination of tiles and plumbing

The whole scheme of the future premises combines high-quality wall and floor covering, plumbing, ventilation equipment, furniture, household appliances.

If you want to make the bathroom design of a small bathroom as functional as possible, you need to take into account the nuances:
  1. The presence of doors, windows. Provides an additional natural light source, allowing for darker tones to be selected for the finish.
  2. Location of communications. The pipe outlet must not be visible. It is better to hide all the “imperfections”, wires under additional screens, special curbs;
  3. Installation of a ventilation system. Some rooms are ventilated only by the general ventilation of the building. In this case, it is worth choosing ceramic tiles that, when cut, will not draw additional attention to the gratings;
  4. The appointment of plumbing. High humidity, frequent temperature changes, calcium leaks are common problems with ceramics. If you have a bath, you can take a collection based on red clay. Installing a shower stall will require a more durable coating, such as porcelain stoneware.

The bathroom design is not only about the colors of the collections, but also implies harmony with accessories, plumbing fixtures, and the arrangement of systems.

What is the best bathroom tile?

It is easy to get confused among the huge assortment. So, the optimal format depending on the available space:

Glazed or matte surface. At the first, calcium smudges are more noticeable, but timely cleaning will solve the problem. The matte texture imitates natural materials like stone, wood, which will add naturalness to the room.

All shimmering, shiny ceramics visually expands the space, elevates, gives lightness.

The mere relief of the tiles in the bathroom will aggravate the situation, compressing the room to the size of a cell. Let’s say “Yes!” To the texture, but only in the form of an accent on the dominant wall, zoning of mirrors, plumbing. The Moonlight collection of the Polish brand Paradyz will pleasantly surprise you.

Luxurious, voluminous panels work well with narrow rooms where you want to bring the far wall closer.

The design of a small bathroom by the type of installation is divided into:

  • 90 degree standard straight-fit format;
  • oblique laying with an angle of 45-60, which visually extends the wall;

We do not recommend taking the wide-format version, or on the contrary, very structured, detailed bathroom tiles. Medium size, smaller for walls and larger for floors, is a designer-proven scheme.

When designing a small bathroom, pay attention to lighting:

  • mirror tiles perfectly reflect the rays;
  • pick up lockers with mirrors. It is functional and aesthetically pleasing;
  • Spotlighting is used primarily for dark colors.
  • Combine your ceiling light with a wall lamp or LED strip.

The result after a bathroom renovation depends on the quality of the materials. 

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