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A business coach helps to find answers to many business inquiries. The success of using coaching for the development of leaders, ordinary employees, and teams is confirmed by the effectiveness of companies that have already resorted to business coach technologies. But requests and requests are different: some of the owners of the business and completely different – of the key specialists.  

Business owners, for example, for the most part, turn to coach services in the smooth operation of a business organization, when more and more functional responsibilities are delegated to specialized specialists. 

What are the most common business coach requests from owners?

  • Minimizing your own participation in business processes, creating a team of professionals with consistently high efficiency.
  • Back to Life. Behind the owners are whole years spent on creating a strong business of their own. And now I want to taste life to its fullest, maintaining a balance between home and business, finding new inspiring and stimulating sources of energy.
  • Improving business performance and business development in general. Including increased profitability and growth of the average check, expansion of the network of representative offices in cities and regions.
  • Awareness of personal influence on team success.

Hired managers, top managers, “discover” business coach for themselves in two cases: either as a result of their own self-awareness of the need or the company itself initiates business coach for the leader, believing that this is the most effective way to develop a top manager. The way in which the leader “came” to the coach depends on his involvement and dedication during the coach sessions. 

And, it is clear that they are much higher among those leaders who turn to business coach consciously and independently. That is why it makes sense for companies that order coaching for their tops, it makes sense to heed the recommendations: to agree with a top manager to jointly invest in his work with a coach (for example, 50/50) or to conduct a partial coaching session outside of working hours.

The main business coach requests of top managers:

  • Increased confidence in the ability to lead at the highest level. Those. We are talking about requests related to the pain of “compliance / non-compliance with a high position” – “impostor syndrome” and adaptation to a new position, lack of confidence in the correct distribution of responsibilities, task setting, or control.
  • Team communication: building productive interaction with the team and in the team, improving the skills to clearly and concisely explaining tasks, conducting meetings and consultations, difficulties in communicating with some colleagues and subordinates, for example, with creative people and mega-professionals, as well as resolving conflicts in a team of employees.
  • The motivation of personnel: the involvement of employees in a common cause to the highest degree of dedication.
  • Moving up the career ladder: development is exclusively within the organizational horizontal since the prospect of a career move “up” is impossible (only the owner is higher).
  • Implementation of the planned norms and they’re over fulfillment: communicating to the employees the significance of continuous success, not only within the framework of the plan but also beyond it.
  • Personnel changes in the organization: the top manager lacks, for example, decisiveness in recruiting and firing specialists.
  • Self-development and improvement of the qualities and skills of a manager: for example, the formation of a personal development plan, the development of the ability to prioritize incoming signals.

Line managers and key specialists of companies most often get acquainted with a business coach on the eve or moment of global changes in the company. The management of the organization thus solves the problems of developing the potential of employees and increasing their readiness for the most ambitious tasks that the company faces. Do not forget that coaching for key specialists can also be used as an effective tool for intangible incentives for merit and high performance. 

The main requests of line managers:

  • Implementation of key business projects of the company.
  • Unleashing latent potential and prioritizing well to keep up with work and maintain a work-life balance.
  • Achievement of the set goals.
  • Building a career advancement scheme.
  • Improving the effectiveness of relationships with the leader, finding approaches to the new leader.
  • Improving relationships within the team, with colleagues at work.
  • Increasing the level of competence.

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