business coaching

What is business coaching and how to use it?


Business coaching is used by leading global organizations and more and more professionals and teams. Coaching as a methodology applies tools from different sciences and disciplines. Organizations that have used business coaching report better performance, management and time management. And more growth and more business opportunities.

Coaching is closely related to leadership, many  studies show that coaching is the most effective way to lead,  because it focuses on developing your talent to produce results.

Organizations that invest in business coaching can achieve high returns on investment since business level coaching is used to positively transform the organization and achieve goals.

Have you been frustrated or distressed because you or your team did not reach the goals? If the pressure is too much and you don’t know how to make changes. how to have a positive impact on results and people coaching is a path that can help you achieve it.

Coaching is a professional alliance between a coach and a client, where the goal of the coach is to facilitate your learning and growth, to help you develop your potential and achieve significant goals, to connect with your creativity and develop your skills. 

business coaching

What is business coaching?

According to John Whitmore, recognized worldwide in the development of coaching, the definition of coaching is: “Unlock a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.”

Who is business coaching for?

Business coaching is carried out with professionals, leaders, teams and organizations that want better results, achieve goals and generate a positive impact on their environment.

The main reasons to use coaching are:

  • Accelerate your process of adaptation to a new role.
  • Create more opportunities that lead you to grow professionally in your career.
  • Improve your management strategies.
  • Optimize your performance and that of your team.
  • Feel greater well-being and balance between your work and personal life.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • And improve your self-confidence and your communication skills.

Some of the situations in which it would be useful to use business coaching are:

  • You are facing a challenge and you need to achieve results quickly.
  • The performance and productivity of your team are below expectations and are not reaching the objectives.
  • You need assistance to make decisions and generate new strategies.
  • You or your organization need to be successful facing changes or reaching goals.
  • You need to improve your skills to lead or consolidate your team.
  • You or your team are trying to find self-confidence, empowerment, balance, motivation, commitment and satisfaction.

A coach helps you develop your capabilities, connect with your creativity and talent so that you design innovative strategies and solutions that produce the results you want.  

Business coaching is mainly divided into 3 main categories:

  • Executive coaching.
  • Team coaching.
  • Organizational coaching.

Executive coaching

It is recommended for the personal development of the best professionals and not only the worst. Many b organizations provide executive coaching to high-potential professionals who will be future leaders …

  • People with performance problems …
  • Individuals who have suffered from burn-out syndrome …
  • Executives changing positions …
  • Or individuals who are affecting others with their behavior, generally these people are not aware of how they affect others, their behavior may be tied to their beliefs.

In many cases, executive coaching is aimed at people within the organization who are in charge of others: presidents, VPs, directors, managers, bosses, etc. …  People who want to achieve goals, successfully face new challenges, develop their ability to lead and generate a positive impact as leaders.

Team Coaching

During the coaching process, the coach helps you and your team create a shared purpose and goals. To understand what are the processes that make your team effective, and to implement actions that make it capable of maintaining a high level of performance in the midst of a changing environment.

It is common in organizations to find teams with performance problems. When teams fail to achieve results, the pressure level increases for everyone. Valuable time is wasted moving people from one position to another, in order to balance underperforming teams. In contrast, high-performing teams do things reliably and achieve their goals time and time again.  High-performance teams act as role models for new employees, and positively impact organizational culture. 

You can use team coaching to consolidate your team, strengthen relationships between your collaborators and improve the work environment and productivity. Also at times when you want to develop the potential of your team and design strategies and commitments that allow you to raise your performance and achieve goals. Or if your team faces a new challenge from which it must come out successful.

Organizational Coaching

Some organizations actively work to create coaching cultures, where coaching is used to communicate, lead, and develop teams. Organizational coaching is a process that starts from the needs of the organization, facilitates changes to achieve strategic goals.

In organizational coaching the client is the company as a whole. As a system that you want to positively impact, in order to achieve transformations that contribute to the fulfillment of objectives and that allow building the organizational culture that you want to create. This means that you work with the organization as a system, which in turn is made up of subsystems or interrelated and interdependent parts. Where the actions of one-part impact the rest of the system. The different parts of the system can be the divisions, areas, departments and teams of the organization, working together to achieve collective goals. Parts that are guided by a common purpose, which contributes to the maintenance of the organization. 

Coaching is  a technique with accessible costs, which can be carried out  if you detect that job performance is low, that an employee needs to reinforce certain skills or abilities, or on the contrary, you identify that he deserves congratulations.

How to apply business coaching to the company?

The implementation of coaching is done through 4 very basic steps.

  1. Make a diagnosis of the team situation. Within this diagnosis, in addition to identifying the needs of the team, it is necessary to detect the strategic needs of the company.
  2. Design the coaching plan. The project has to be in line with the previously defined strategies and the needs detected.
  3. Coaching work. At this stage it is time to implement the previously designed coaching plan. The entire team accepts the commitments established for the business coaching process to be successful. We started working!
  4. Monitoring and evaluation. It is time to check if the established plan is being followed, if problems have arisen and to see what the results have been.

As can be seen, it is not difficult to implement the coach in companies.

What are the benefits?

  • With business coaching, a greater bond will be created among team members.
  • Improve productivity. Actually, that is one of the main goals of this technique.
  • The skills and abilities of the employees are exploited, in order to combine those of the entire team and achieve results.
  • Responses are obtained quickly and effectively. This is very useful especially in emergency situations.
  • Improves quality of life at work, yes, yes, business coaching ensures that employees are more comfortable in the workplace.

Should I invest in business coaching?

It never hurts to implement tools that improve and streamline work relationships in your company. You will see how in a short time coaching can generate great changes. Investing in this type of guidance is a medium-term investment that can improve your business with tangible facts.

If you have not seen the results you expected for several months or you perceive that the company is losing its way, perhaps it is time to bet on a renewal and a change that will promote the company in a positive way. Business coaching can be that booster that gives new impetus to your company.

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