Tips for choosing a good hotel


When we travel, planning everything we are going to do is essential for the experience to be magnificent. Choosing a service is one of the most important parts. If we are too hasty in selecting the hotel in question, even the most attractive trip can be undermined by it.

Practical tips for choosing a good hotel

Advice is important when we want to choose a good hotel to stay in. For this, some tips that will help you never hurt, since choosing a hotel is a mistake to base it only on the economic component. Let’s go with it.

Geographic situation

The one that is in a good geographical situation is one of the most important things when we are looking for a good one, since when we are planning our vacations we have to think about what we will occupy our time, since many times choosing an attractive place usually means having to lose some of that time between transfers from one place to another. For this reason, we must choose a good place that is close to public services. So with that time that we win, we will have more time to rest or enjoy the city. Do not hesitate to ask or contact them to get more information.

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Services to be included

There is a lot of demand for hotels and it is not only necessary to attend to the geographical situation of which we spoke before, the services that are included while we are in the hotel can make a difference in our choice. We emphasize, for example, that breakfast is included, restaurants, parking lots, etc.


We live in the age of the Internet and every hotel worth its salt must have connections in its facilities. In this regard, what we have to think about and know is whether the Internet is included in the price or not.

There are many hotels that charge customers for the connection time they use, while others already include it in the price of the room. In case you are one of those people who only consults the Internet for a few things such as reading email, you will not need it, but if you need to have a connection, it is best to pay a little more to have the guarantee of using this service.

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Each traveler has different needs. Many hotels like the Savoy Hotel in Double Bay make the conditions clear, which is the most logical thing to do. In case you don’t see it clearly, you can call or write to the establishment.

There are hotels in which children do not pay and in others they tend to pay a lower price after certain ages, which may be different, as this is at the discretion of the hotel in question. Our advice is to choose the one that best suits your needs and be clear about the terms and conditions that are offered in each hotel.

User reviews

Tourism companies and marketing currently go hand in hand and the Internet, so widely used by hotels, can help us a lot when choosing thanks to the reviews and reviews given by users who stayed in some of the hotels we are looking at.

All this has led to the fact that on the Internet there are many portals that are in charge of collecting the reviews and various evaluations that users make about the different experience on their stay around the world so that one can, based on this, have it easier to get their own impression of what to expect from them.


Hotels are still companies dedicated to tourism, so they have their strengths and others that are not so. If we want to make a successful reservation, it is best to take all these circumstances into account.

When planning trips, many times you see that it has a good price and if it has many stars, then better than better, but you have to value many more things. There are not a few cases of clients who stay in hotels at a good price far from the center and then have to resort to the taxi because they do not have public transport nearby or the one who passes does it every long time or does not happen directly at certain hours of the night. Result, in the end it came out at a higher price than in the center.

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