Diamonds, what determines the cost?


The word “diamonds” is translated as “sparkling”. A diamond is a cut diamond that has undergone special processing. Such a jewel has always been and remains an unsurpassed gift for a beloved woman, loved one, or business partner. Moreover, you can give it both in its pure form and as a decoration on precious items. 

It is a symbol of luxury, strong relationships, and boundless trust between partners. Diamonds are a profitable investment, the demand for jewelry is growing in direct proportion to their value. In the modern world, it is not difficult to buy diamonds profitably, there are a number of Internet platforms that offer their services. When choosing, the main thing is to have basic information on determining the value and authenticity of a gem, so as not to overpay too much and not to fall for the tricks of scammers.

What determines the cost of diamonds?

According to GOST, this gem is determined by 4 parameters, called “system 4 C”:

  1. The clarity of the stone (Сlarity). The criterion for determining the purity of a stone is the absence of visible and invisible defects on the inside or outside. There are 12 groups, which determine the defectiveness of the stone and, accordingly, its value. 1-6 group – clean products, they will cost much more. Jewelry that falls into this category is free from micro defects, they are clean and transparent. Group 7-8 – stones with minor but noticeable defects. Next – diamonds with splashes, the presence of bubbles that can be detected even with the naked eye.
  2. Weight (Carat). The unit of mass in metric carats, 1 carat = 0.2 grams. This is the main criterion for evaluating the value of a gem. There are 3 types of diamonds: small stones (weighing up to 0.29 carats), medium (from 0.3 carats to 0.99 carats), large (from 1 carat). When evaluating a gemstone, jewelers use the Tavernier Principle. The scheme for determining the value is simple: the product of the mass of the crystal, squared, by the base value of one carat. This calculation is used for stones weighing less than 5 carats. Thus, a jewel weighing 2 carats is 2 times more expensive than a jewel weighing 1 carat, and 3 carats is 10 times more expensive. Stones weighing from 6 carats can be bought exclusively at world auctions. Each diamond weighing over 25 carats has its own name.
  3. Color (Color). The natural color visible to the human eye or its absence is determined. The most expensive are transparent stones. Jewelers have a scale by which the color saturation is determined, where 1 is transparent, and 9 is stones with a pronounced yellow tint. Gems up to level 4 are considered the most expensive.
  4. Cut quality. The quality of the cut determines the radiance and reflection of light from the stone. When cut properly, light is 99% reflected from the piece. The constituent parts of the diamond are the crown, girdle, and pavilion. When kept in the correct proportions by a jeweler, the stone will shine dazzlingly. Also, this jewelry may differ in shape and type.

Diamonds have a special characteristic that plays a secondary role in determining the value of a product. This is a reaction to the influence of ultraviolet color or fluorescence. The cut diamond emits a soft blue glow. It will not work to see such radiation with the naked eye, it is necessary to be exposed to ultraviolet rays. This criterion does not affect the appearance and characteristics of the stone in an ordinary environment. However, it is not uncommon for the level of fluorescence to determine the cause of the dullness of the product.

Based on the above-mentioned evaluation criteria, the larger, cleaner, more transparent a diamond, the more expensive it is. Products should be chosen based on individual preferences, the purpose of their purchase, and the intended use. In any case, you need to know and remember how to distinguish a diamond from a fake.

Where to sell diamonds?

The trading platform offers its services for the placement and sale of diamonds. Experienced sellers have already used services many times and have become frequent users of the trading platform. 

Thanks to the convenient filter, purchasing the desired product is quick and easy. 

They help sellers sell jewelry quickly and for buyers to purchase them safely. There are several simple recommendations that will allow you to successfully sell a product:

  1. Availability of a quality certificate or expert opinion issued by a gemologist. When buying such a gem, it is important to officially verify its quality and authenticity.
  2. The surface of the product should be shiny, smooth, sparkling, without fingerprints. Such a photo and appearance will be more attractive to the buyer.
  3. An important aspect is the compliance of the characteristics indicated on the site with reality.

The goal of the team is to establish a connection between the buyer and the seller, to ensure a fast and safe transaction for the purchase/sale of precious stones.

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