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Advantages of digital printing for companies and Startups

Digital Printing

It cannot be denied that everything that involves doing business with people involves talking about marketing strategies. Marketing that varies depending on the channels used and that increasingly relies on elements such as visual design, merchandising and digital printing.

What is undeniable is that every time we go to a networking event, fair or similar, we do not stop handing out our business cards to all those who we think may need it.

If we are going to exhibit or give a conference, it is very possible that our promotional marketing is based on the realization of a Roll up that shows the image of our company.

And what can we say if now that the end of the year is approaching, we are already talking with our trusted online printing company to prepare personalized calendars to send to our clients. Without a doubt, we want to retain them and make them buy more from us.

As you can see, promotional marketing and merchandising are more and more among us, especially now that digital printing has favored very short lead times and really affordable costs.

If we start from the basis that to create our brand image we need to be in the minds of our potential clients, especially if we are a Startup, we cannot avoid thinking about the realization of advertising merchandising for our company.

And thanks to the new techniques of digital printers, it is really easy to have all this promotional marketing in a very short period of time:

  • custom folders to present projects or proposals
  • custom pens
  • business cards to give to our potential clients
  • personalized agendas
  • billboards
  • flyers and roll ups
  • etc.

I am sure that you have already used some of the elements for your company, although this is just a small example of everything that we can find in a digital press.

Digital Printing Advantages

Digital printing began to take off back in the 90s, however, it was not until a few years ago that digital printers have begun to see the internet as a great ally that allows them to increase their turnover in a much easier way.

And what is digital printing? Well, basically, being able to print files that have been made by computer directly on various surfaces, in any format.

Thus, we find from personalized mugs to t-shirts printed with digital screen printing through personalized advertising designs on any surface, including large format.

Broadly speaking, Merchandising has always been part of many digital marketing strategies, as they help to create a brand image and a feeling of belonging to certain brands or companies.

Some advantages of digital printing that we can comment on are:

1.- Cost savings derived from printing services

Digital printing has very low start-up costs, making it the most suitable technology for printing short runs, especially for online printers.

2.- Higher profit margin for the printing press

Since no plates or photoliths are needed, digital printers can handle more work in much less time, thus increasing their profit margin on their printing services.

3.- Flexibility in printing on various materials

Digital printing allows you to work with various materials and products, so it offers very high flexibility and benefits.

With sublimation, for example, you can print on any fabric, with eco solvent printing we can print on vinyl, transparent film and even with UV printing you can print on materials such as canvas, wood, plastic, metal….

4.- Correction of printing errors

As they are digital files, any errors or modifications can be made very quickly. In addition, there is no minimum number of products to be printed, thus eliminating the problem of stock storage that traditional printers had.

5.- Higher quality and personalized printing effects

Digital files present a much higher level of quality (provided they are well done). In addition, digital printers already work with personalized effects such as special varnishes, white ink, engravings, etc. …

6.- Higher level of customization

Combining several of the advantages that I mention here, we find that in the end the level of customization is one of the greatest benefits, since it allows us to obtain a 100% personalized product according to our tastes in the materials that interest us most.

7.- Immediacy and reduction of delivery times

Especially if we talk about online printers, the speed of delivery is one of the greatest advantages that we can find. Of course, more and more people are beginning to see digital printing services that charge a supplement if the work is desired in 24 hours, 48 hours, etc. …

Promotional Marketing and Promotional Merchandising

Now that we have seen what digital printing is and how it can help promotional marketing, it is important to start looking at how it can help us in our marketing strategies to get customers.

And for this, I can think of 3 main aspects where you should start working.

1.- Promotional marketing to attract new customers

There are many promotional marketing actions that will help us to get new customers. If we know where and how to use them, they can be of great help to us.

promotional marketing

For example, at a fair it is clear that business cards are the most necessary, in addition to Roll ups if you have a Stand.

For example, in many of my training courses and conferences I place the Roll Up of my company and also leave a small brochure with the most demanded services. Very oriented to meet the needs of potential customers.

If it is a course of a higher level, perhaps the presentation is left inside a personalized USB so that they can have it.

Just think how you will be able to help or cover a need that you have in front of you. And you will know what kind of promotional marketing or digital printing services you need.

2.- Merchandising to retain customers

It may seem silly to you but you do not know the sales that a company can achieve just with folders and personalized pens. If your data is wherever the customer looks or touches, the sale may be there.

Not many years ago I worked on various consumer projects in which, thanks to personalized digital printing, dynamic QR codes were printed on certain products (gifts, calendars, billboards, etc.)

To read them, you just need to focus on them with your mobile with a program that reads these codes (they are free programs) and the information they can give you is impressive

  • For calendars: each page had a QR code and led to the offers of the month, which were periodically changed
  • In the advertising billboards: it showed the physical location of all the stores of a brand.
  • etc.

In this way, something as simple as digital printing on certain media can help brands to encourage their customers to buy.

3.- Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts are a plus for many brands that want to enhance both customer attraction and loyalty.

Yes. My recommendation is that whether it is products with a certain type of digital printing or pure and simple promotional marketing, look for something that hooks the customer, or it will be useless and you will lose the customer.

I remember a client with whom we worked a few years ago, who, because of his target audience, on exam dates and selectivity, always stood at the doors of universities to distribute his Merchandising.

And I can’t deny that he did very well. While all their competition gave pens, brochures and key chains, they gave away stress balls, silk-screened with their company data.

I was able to personally see how one of those days, after the exams, the floor was full of brochures and key rings that the students had thrown away or forgotten. However, not a single stress ball was visible on the ground. Have you already thought about how you are going to use promotional marketing and digital printing to improve your brand image?

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