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Floor Polishing: How much does it cost to polish flooring?


Do you want to know the price of floor polishing a marble?

Marble is a widely used material in flooring. It is common to find it in neighboring communities, but also in homes, especially in bathrooms. And, although it is normal for it to lose shine over time, it is always possible to polish it to make it look like new again. That’s why in this article we tell you how much it costs to floor polishing a marble.

Marble surfaces have a special charm since it is a natural material that can fit into different decorative styles. However, it does require some maintenance and it is important that this task is carried out by a professional stonemason. Only an expert will know how to treat marble properly.

Floor polishing a marble consists of smoothing the surface and removing stains and other flaws that can make the material ugly.

It is normally a type of task that is carried out when, due to traffic, the surface has begun to deteriorate. Depending on each case, it may be necessary to floor polishing every six months or every two years. However, it may also be a good idea to hire this type of service immediately after installation, to level, and achieve a perfect finish.


M2 of the surfacePrice
Floor polishing marble (50 m²)$ 500
Floor polishing marble (100 m²)$ 1,000
Floor polishing marble staircase (2 linear m)$ 45
Floor polishing marble countertop$ 30

In any case, it is important to note that marble workers are versatile professionals and, beyond flooring, they can work on other marble surfaces. For example, if you have somewhat deteriorated furniture or marble countertops, they can help you improve its appearance.

And they can also be in charge of polishing marble stairs if you live in a building that has this type of structure.

Furthermore, we would like to add that all natural stone floors can be polished. This includes not only marble, but also other types of materials such as granite or terrazzo, although the price may vary slightly. In fact, polishing terrazzo floors is usually somewhat cheaper.

What factors influence the price of polishing a marble floor?

The price of polishing marble floors will depend mainly on the condition of the floor . The more deteriorated it is, the more effort the stonemason will have to put into recovering its original appearance, which will mean more polishing phases and a higher cost.

On the other hand, the type of treatment you want to apply can also affect the price:

  • There are those who choose only to polish the floor, which may be an option to consider for slightly damaged marble floors. This technique is usually applied once the floors have been polished.
  • Another system that can be applied after polishing the marble floor is that of glazing or crystallization. In this case, what is sought is to enhance the brightness of the floor to achieve a mirror effect.
  • And, finally, a third treatment that can be applied is diamond dressing. A micro polishing is carried out from diamond stones in order to eliminate small scratches. Later crystallization can be carried out.

The type of treatment used can raise the total price, approximately, up to about $ 4 / m2.

In any case, the most common will be that the marble polishing budget presented by the professional includes both the price of labor and the cost of materials and the approximate time of execution, as well as other expenses that may be related, like displacement.

Other alternatives for floor polishing

A professional stonemason will typically use specific chemicals as well as a polisher to make your floor look brand new. In addition, before starting with the polishing, he will take care of preparing the surface in the most suitable way; usually, it is necessary to clean it beforehand with warm soapy water.

By hiring a professional, you will be guaranteed to obtain all the benefits of a quality floor polish : you will make the surface look more uniform, as damage and wear marks will be eliminated. And, of course, the material will regain its original shine.

In any case, although we have already indicated that it is recommended that these tasks be carried out by professionals, there are other alternatives. For example, you can rent a polisher on your own for between $ 20 and $ 40 a day. Although this is an option that you should only consider if you have any notion about how this type of machine is used.

Tips for caring for marble floors

As we have already indicated, it is practically essential to polish marble floors from time to time. However, it is true that, if we take care of these surfaces with care, we can delay the moment of polishing.

To begin with, we must not forget that marble is quite a sensitive material. In this sense, we must avoid abrasive cleaning products such as bleach or salfumán. It is best to use only mild soap and water.

On the other hand, marble is a porous surface. This means that it is necessary to remove the stains as soon as possible if we do not want them to remain permanently attached.

Apart from following these tips, you can look for specific cleaning products for this type of surface. Many of them also serve to enhance the shine of marble floors.

Be that as it may, when it comes time to polishing, our advice is to put yourself in the hands of a professional floor polishing marble workers.