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Garage Door: Tips for choosing the best


What should you take into account when choosing a garage door for your home? What models are the most suitable and what are their advantages? If you are thinking of buying a garage door read our post. When you’re done, you’re sure to be an expert on garage doors.

Now is the time to choose a garage door.

You may be building a new single-family home. Or that you need to change the garage door of your neighborhood community.

In any case, garage doors are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessary complement in your home, whether you live alone or in a community.

Now, when choosing a garage door you may have certain doubts. What is the most suitable for my needs? Why choose one automatic door and not another?

If you are asking yourself these questions, keep reading the following lines because we are going to clear all your doubts. So let’s go there:

All automatic doors have their advantages.

Sectional doors, casement doors and sliding doors are the most used when it comes to putting a door in the entrance of a garage.

All of them will offer you a lot of security, a lot of comfort and both acoustic and thermal insulation . Don’t lose sight of these qualities because in the end your home will notice it. You have to “chase” automatic doors that offer you these advantages.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that if you choose one or the other, you will have more or less space in your garage.

The garage door is also aesthetic

When you go to choose your automatic garage door you should also be aware of the aesthetics.

There are currently endless finishes with which you will be able to beautify your environment. For the same price you can have a door that matches your aesthetic tastes and the decorative style that you have chosen for your home.

As you can see, we are betting on the quality of all automatic garage doors. And we are also committed to this in our online store for automatic doors.

And what does it mean to have this Marking? Well, it is the unequivocal sign that you are taking a high-quality product.

The marking means that our products have been tested and controlled hundreds of times and have passed all the controls required by the European Union. And these checks are not easy to pass.

So when you see these letters “CE Marking” rest assured that you are taking a high quality product.

Garage door models

We are going to delve a little more into all the garage door models that we have pointed out a few paragraphs before.

1. Sectional garage door

We start with the sectional. It is like a blind that opens and closes vertically but through its panels.

They adapt perfectly to the roof you have in your garage, whether it is flat or slightly sloping. The great advantage of these sectional doors is that the door is housed in the ceiling.

What does this mean? Well, you can take advantage of the entire width and length of your garage. Nor will you have to leave any space between the vehicle and the door when you have to enter or exit.

If you have a single-family home or a townhouse, this is your best option. By the way, that sectional doors can have a leaf or two. Both with the same advantages that we have just told you.

We do not have to tell you that these doors are not convenient if you have a country house. If you have this type of house we advise you to read this post where we indicate the best doors for this type of house.

2. Swing garage door

These garage doors are also widely used in all types of homes. The difference with the sectional ones is that they open at a 90-degree angle and remain housed in the wall.

 Therefore they do take up some space in the garage, although not too much. Also keep in mind that you should leave some space between the vehicle and the door while it is opening or closing.

3. Swing sliding door

The sliding doors garage are those opened and closed laterally. Therefore, they are housed in the wall as with the folding ones. The space they occupy is very little.

It is true that these types of doors are also very suitable to be placed on doors of urbanizations or country houses and perhaps they are less advisable in community garage doors.

Well, as you have seen, these are the three most used garage doors in all types of garages. Any of them will more than meet all your expectations. And with any of them, you will gain comfort and safety, which are the two main objectives that you must take into account when installing a garage door in your home. As we have said, also take into account the aesthetic factor.

Are you thinking of putting a garage door in your house? Which of the doors that we have explained to you will meet your expectations? Do you already have a garage door? Do you have a sectional, folding, or sliding? Tell us in the comments which automatic door you have chosen.

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