engagement rings

Gold Or Platinum For Our Best Type Engagement Ring?

engagement rings

It has always been said that the engagement ring is the most important jewel that is given during our life as a couple. Because the relationship undergoes an evolution, regardless of whether the wedding is religious or civil.

There are numerous studies conducted on women between 17 and 24 years old where they tell how their future engagement ring should be. In most cases they coincide in the same thing, that is, your engagement ring must be a diamond ring and must be given by the loved one. In addition, where all the interviewed women agree is that they pay attention to the quality of the diamond and its size.

Given this, the engagement ring, in addition to being characterized by its incredible originality and beauty, must be made of a precious metal at the same level as the gem it wears, the most common being First Law gold and platinum.But many men when they search for the perfect engagement ring tend to have many doubts and the most recurring is choosing which material the ring should be made of.


It is necessary to start from the base that these two metals are suitable for an engagement ring in diamond s, but obviously, there are differences between them:The first thing is that when we talk about First Law gold in the engagement ring , we refer in Navas Joyeros to 18-carat gold, which is made by three-quarters of pure, fixed or 24-carat gold.In our online jewelry Navas Joyeros we never recommend acquiring an engagement ring in low gold, that is, 9, 14, or 16 carat gold. This is because in addition to losing some benefits, they are not high enough to be combined with a natural diamond.

engagement rings
engagement rings

On the other hand we have platinum , which is practically pure in 950mm out of a thousand, to which only iridium and other materials are added to facilitate its casting.As for the aesthetic distinctions of these two materials, it is very difficult to differentiate at a distance between a ring made of white, sterling gold or platinum . However, with the rest of the shades of gold such as yellow, black or pink, the difference is clear due to the color of the materials, since platinum cannot be put in other shades.


To know if the material of which the order ring is made is gold or platinum , we can only notice the difference when taking it. This happens because when taking two equal rings in platinum and gold, platinum weighs between 2 and 3 times more than gold.

Another difference between  gold and platinum occurs when the jewel is finished, since once the diamond is set, the gold requires degreasing, polishing and rhodium plating. Compared to platinum, it only needs a polish to obtain that characteristic luster. We can also differentiate these two precious metals by their resistance and hardness, being that of platinum much higher. Although this does not mean that platinum is not deteriorated by the use of the jewel, what happens is that the procedure is much slower.

Finally, the most important difference between these two materials is their price. Being that of platinum much higher than that of gold , since its casting process is much more elaborate, so it requires a greater effort by the master jewelers of our firm and more expensive resources.According to our long experience as distributors and manufacturers of fine jewelry, we recommend that if the diamond ring you have chosen is less than half a carat, the precious material chosen is First law gold, for 3 reasons:

engagement rings
engagement rings
  • THE first, because the value of the ring will be low, even if you make it in platinum due to the low carat.
  • Second, the comfort that the engagement ring must have , since it will be a jewel that your future fiancé will shine on a daily basis.
  • And finally, because although First Grade gold is softer and deteriorates faster than platinum. In our firm, we give you the solution by giving you the first maintenance of the jewel completely free of charge , so you can prolong the beauty of the piece at no cost to you.


In our firm Navas Joyeros we recommend this manufacturing material when the order Wedding Ring has a central diamond of more than 0.50 carats or a precious gem of a large color. We also recommend making it in platinum when the diamond wedding band chosen for the big question is with stones over 0.20 carats each and as long as the design is not too heavy.In addition, when buying such a jewel of such importance with a carat above 0.50 ct, N avas Joyeros gives you the possibility of acquiring your international gemological certificate completely free of charge for you.


In our online jewelry, our philosophy is to bring high jewelry to the general public , so we do not want to limit our stock. This is why we manufacture all of our diamond rings in either gold or platinum. The latter only on demand due to the costly, as we have already said, of its manufacturing process.You just have to enter our online jewelry and get the engagement ring that best suits the style of your future fiancée, we are sure you will like it!