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Locksmith: 4 tricks that will solve if you leave the keys inside


And your mother told you: one day you will forget even your own head. So it is not surprising that you go to take out the garbage, pull the door of the house without thinking. and, once on the street, you realize that you have left the keys inside. Then you will call a locksmith.

At that moment you see your whole life pass in front of your eyes in slow motion … Well, stop, let’s not get so dramatic. It is a chore to find yourself in this situation, but it is something that you can easily solve with these 4 tricks that we give you.

1.Leave a copy of your keys to someone you trust who lives nearby

Most locks are locked by inserting a key from one side . That is, they do not allow opening if you try to manipulate them with another key from the opposite side. However, there are some models that do support this maneuver, especially when the key inside has not been turned. 

Maybe you are in luck and you have a door of this type. If this is the case, and if you have taken the precaution of leaving a copy of your keys to a trusted neighbor, relative, or friend who lives nearby, you can save the ballot without any complications and without calling the locksmith. 

2.Use the slip method with an x-ray or card

If it helps thieves to perpetrate 60% of house robberies, why not you to get out of trouble? The slip method is one of the most common home burglary techniques, and it is effective for opening doors that have not been closed by turning the lock. 

It consists of inserting an X-ray, a sheet, a card, or a piece of a large plastic bottle through the edge of the door, and making vertical movements, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, until the door gives way. 

Mind you, let’s face it: it doesn’t always work. 

3.Only for low rooms and chalets: go to your house from the neighbor’s

Warning: this trick is only useful – and reasonable – if you live in a low or in a chalet. If your house is in height, don’t even think about trying it! 

It involves asking for help from a neighbor whose backyard or garden is adjacent to yours and, with the help of a ladder, move from their home to yours. Once inside your domains, you may not find it difficult to open a back door, especially if it is a sliding one.  

4. Plan B for Keys Inside

Our fourth (and last) trick is the best. The one that allows you to live with peace of mind even if you lose your head around the corners, as your mother says. It’s called Home Multigremio, and it’s a repair plan that goes a step beyond what most home insurance covers, including, for example, locksmith emergencies.

In this way, if you leave the keys inside, you just have to call a locksmith and we will come, swift and fast so that you can enter your home as soon as possible. In fact, the opening of doors due to forgetfulness or theft of keys is one of the most common assistances that my fellow locksmiths dispense. Get in and out of your house without worries for just a few dollars a month!

Do you need a locksmith near you? Can’t you open the door? Have you forgotten the keys?

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