Rolling Doors

Rolling Doors: Manual blinds vs. motorized blinds


Motorization of industrial rolling doors, via radio (with remote control), or via cable with buttons. 

Discover our rolling doors with or without box, and recessed. The cover wraps around a motor shaft like a shutter and is guided at the top rear. The rolling doors can be installed in small garages or very large openings. Two types of installation are possible, behind the door lintel and under the lintel. 

The cover is made of galvanized or iron plate slats. The mechanism and the blind are practically invisible when the rolling doors is opened so completely housed in the closed drawer. The control is easy and safe through an electric motor with cable and key or with remote control, a radio wave, or simply with manual opening.

Elegance: Very discreet, the cover is housed in a sealed drawer once opened.

Configuration: Installation is possible as restoration of the existing or new construction.

Automation: Tubular motor with 230 volts.

Safety: The rolling doors are equipped with fall protection. They work with a key switch, radio wave remote control, or a digital code.

Automatic locks are generally located inside the panel box or along with the shade of the shade. The immediate benefit of this is that the lock is out of sight and cannot be tampered with.

These locks are activated when the blind is lowered and deactivated when the blind is opened. These locks are not only secure and concealed out of sight to prevent tampering, as they typically open with operator movement, but have the added benefit of protecting the operator and the shade.

The manual locks are likely located on the bottom profile or somewhere along the shade of the roller shutter unit. These locks are visible from the outside. We recommend a lock that has a heavy return and a solid internal mechanism that makes it strong and secure.

The only downside to manual locks is that if the unit is not unlocked prior to operation, the force of the operator working against the lock can damage the motor and/or curtain, which can be a costly fix.

Rolling Doors: Manual control motors

A manual drive motor is a normal motor with a gear mechanism that allows the unit to start-up in the event of a power failure or motor failure. For safety reasons, we recommend this motor as it allows you to lower the security rolling doors and secure the enclosure in the event of a power or motor outage and you are unable to remain on the premises.

High Security Key Push Buttons / Digital Keypad / Card Swipe

When installing a security shutter at the main entrance, you will need to have some way to access and open the shutter from outside the building.

For these applications, there are many safety switches that you can choose from: high-security key switches, digital keypads, which allow you to enter a code to open the shade, radio frequency wireless systems, or swipe card options are the most popular. These switch options only allow you and your family members or employees to access the building.

These switch options only allow you and your family members or employees to access the building.

Connect your security blinds to the alarm system

Many security companies offer options that allow you to connect your rolling doors blinds to your existing alarm system. This alerts you and the alarm company if someone was trying to tamper with the device. An additional benefit is that when the alarm sounds, it often scares the offender.


Installing rolling doors for security is one of the best methods to protect your property.

The old saying “You pay for what you get” is very true in this industry. When purchasing roller blinds, you should ask as many questions as possible and provide as much detail as necessary about your specific requirements so that your roller shutter manufacturing company can guide you to the perfect solution for your security needs.