Security: How to choose the right company?


The modern security market allows you to protect yourself and your property with a high level of reliability. Solutions are different and available to everyone today. From restraining measures (fences, service dogs, bars on the windows, armored doors) to more effective – remote and physical protection. But we can talk about efficiency if there is a high quality of service by a security company.

In private security, the staff is better trained than in public.

Why such confidence?

In business, any marketing miscalculation or missed “human factor” hits the profits of the whole company, and accordingly the pocket of the owner. Hence the quality of staff selection, high level of service, etc. On the contrary, state security receives a salary from the state budget and, as a rule, quite formally approaches to ensuring order and security. 

 If you need reliable, rather than the presence of guards at the site, quality equipment, not cheap counterfeits, then what do you still need to pay attention to when choosing a company that provides services? The answer to this question will help to determine the right choice of a company, which will further provide reliable protection for you and your property, our professionally install video surveillance, access control system, etc., will protect you from bogus professionals and one-day firms.

A mistake in choosing a company, unfortunately, can lead to very sad consequences.

It is necessary to pay attention:

1. The company has a license to provide security services. At your request, representatives of the security company will be happy to provide it. In some companies, the license can be seen on the website.

2 . Experience in security and experience in the security services market (at least 3 years!).

3 . Number of clients. If the company is not limited to one city, but expands and grows, in the face of its offices across the country – this is also a huge plus. This means that existing customers want their facilities to be protected by one, already verified company. After all, as you know, demand generates supply. And this, by the way, is an important issue for dynamically developing companies, which are talking about expanding and protecting their branches in all regions.

 4 . What objects were protected during the company’s operation: their categories and status, customer feedback on the decency of management, their punctuality, readiness to come to the rescue in case of extraordinary events at the protected object.

 5 . Loyal and real pricing policy of the security firm. The minimum price of protection should be alarming, and high characterizes the maturity of the company, but not everything else (quality, for example). Call several security companies and find out the average cost for the service. You should not overpay, especially if you do not know exactly what you are paying for, but you can not focus on low cost, as the savings are mainly due to staff salaries.

6 . The contract for the protection of the object should reflect the material responsibility, but it is relevant when the company has assets, cars, a monitoring center, its own equipped premises, not a rented office, etc.

7. Security guards must be trained: have a certificate of at least 3 categories, work experience is desirable in law enforcement agencies and approximately be from 25 to 45 years.

 8. The structure of the company should include around-the-clock parts. Pay attention to the phone numbers on the company’s website, if there is a phone that works 24/7, then the next part exists.

 9. Have your own central monitoring station .

 10. Used PPK. This is a type of receiving-control device, a unit that stands on a protected object. It provides transmission of signals from sensors to the security panel.

What does this knowledge give us? There are several major manufacturers of PPK on the market. But there are almost no unified security companies that use all systems at once.

And if you stop liking the previously selected security service operator? Who to go to, where to go, so that it does not hit your pocket? That’s right, to another company that uses the same equipment.
If a couple of security leaders in your city use the same equipment to build an alarm system, feel free to contact one of them and do not look for the exotic.

11. Participation of employees in public formations for law enforcement and in additional types of security services. Yes, there are several types. And large companies can provide a full range of services. In any case, even if you do not need everything, it still speaks of the stability of the company, and in the future may be useful.

12. Sufficient staff of security guards, providing prompt replacement at the facilities in case of illness, etc.

13. The presence of branded vehicles, the number of vehicles of rapid response teams. Most customers are wondering where the nearest crew is. And this is an important question, but at the same time, one of the most common mistakes. Suppose you choose a company whose car is right in front of your door, but, as it turned out, all over the city of these same cars only two. 

CCTV Camera

And how many others will go to you if the nearest crew is already working out the alarm? That’s right, for a long time. Therefore, knowledge of the general situation when choosing will not hurt. I would also like to note that small companies will give you the answer that this is official information that is not disclosed for security purposes.

 14. Equipment and special means.
Usually, the equipment is standard: bulletproof vest, helmet-helmet, uniforms, gas canister, weapons of traumatic action. But you ask just in case, and then suddenly it turns out that the office is so small that the guards are self-sufficient, and you will come not a tight security guard in a bulletproof vest, and “Uncle Vanya” in a sweatshirt and ax. We are joking about the ax, although…

15. The security company has its own website. 

 16 . The willingness of management to acknowledge criticism received from the client for security deficiencies. Eliminate the causes immediately.

17. Opportunity to visit the office and, in particular, the security panel. You will not believe it, but there are such small security companies that their consoles are in rented apartments, respectively, no one will give you a tour of such a console. Moreover, they will say that this is super-mega-cool classified data and an ordinary guest is not allowed there for security and the possibility of information leakage. Most large security companies, on the other hand, not only allow you to visit your consoles, but also invite you because there really is something to show.

Another tip: if after a comprehensive study of the security company you still have some doubts, enter into a short-term contract for two or three months. During this time, do a few checks, call a rapid response team and check the arrival time. Try to take out the property, go into the room without turning off the alarm, try to bribe a security guard, or offer to drink strong drinks. 

Let your familiar policeman try to enter the territory of the enterprise. All these measures will give a clear picture of real security. It’s okay if you have to change the security company, but you will know exactly who is guarding you and how.

And also for you, we have prepared a unique checklist, with which you can easily check the level of protection of your own home. Each item is simple and requires attention only once. Get to know and remember, the more points there are in your home, the fewer chances that the attacker will be able to cross its threshold!