building inspection

Several factors that Best affect Building Inspection


Building Inspection is the application of experiences, knowledge, tools and methods for actions to ensure that the project is accomplished according to its purpose. From this definition, the main processes of the project are: initial process, design process, implementation process, inspection and control process and finally closure process. This approach does not change in construction projects.

In construction projects, the requirements must first be determined, then the design and execution of the project, and the contradictory constraints of the project should be balanced. These constraints include scope,Building inspection time, budget, resources and risks.

The effective features in project planning are market demand, strategic opportunities, customer demands, technological developments and legal obligations involved.

building inspection

For effective building inspection management

It is important to have knowledge of the enterprise, management (performance) knowledge in the project manager and the personal skills of the people in the project team.

There are several factors that affect the success of a Building inspection . These include, for example, business culture, domestic and foreign standards, business infrastructure, personnel management, existing human resources, business permit systems, communication channels, market conditions, understanding stakeholder risk and political environment.

In short, project management in the construction sector is a broad concept that encompasses many topics such as integration, scope, time, cost, Building inspection human resources, communications, procurement and risk management. When a project is progressed, it must be ensured that all processes operate efficiently and safely, that the working environment is safe and that reliable materials are used. In addition to construction project management, measurement, testing and analysis services are provided by authorized centers.

building inspection

The construction sector is complex and competitive. Whether it is building construction or infrastructure preparation, a major construction project has a number of small sub-projects. The more each project is managed according to the project lifecycle criteria, the greater the likelihood of success of a major project. 

If the services are obtained from the authorized institutions from the initial stages of the project lifecycle, starting from ground surveys, geotechnical services and environmental services, it is possible to receive support in a wide range from sustainability the materials to be used, chemical and physical testing and material certification services. For example, for enterprises carrying out more than one construction project,

Our company provides the following services within the field of construction measurement, testing and analysis with a strong technological infrastructure and an experienced and knowledgeable staff:

  • Project management services
  • Services for products
  • Services related to machinery and equipment
  • Supply chain services
  • Facilities management and management services
  • Building inspection, health, safety and environmental services

While we provide hundreds of testing services under the above headings, our company complies with the legal rules in force, the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations. and adopts worldwide testing methods and provides Building inspection, fast, perfect and reliable service.