Tiling: Wood-like decorative tiles’ pros and cons


Wood tiling like decorative tiles is a fantastic way to get the look of wood without all that hassle in terms of maintaining and taking care. The pros include easy installation, low maintenance requirements (which is great for those with busy lives), as well as being able to save on heating costs because they offer insulation properties just like real timber would. Now onto the cons; this material can be really pricey at times when compared against tile or stone options which means it’s not an option for everyone!

Wood tilings like decorative tiles’ pros and cons

  • A copy that exceeds the original in terms of performance
  • Characteristics of wood effect tiles
  • Advantages of ceramic tiling

The graceful wood grain in the floor decor always attracts attention. Natural wood is beautiful but requires careful maintenance and periodic surface restoration, and in places with a large number of people, it quickly loses its original appearance.

Ceramic was a good solution. Floor tiling is made from clay, quartz sand, dyes and modifying inclusions. For the first time, it was released in square and rectangular configurations, and today manufacturers offer rhombuses, 3- and 6-squares with applied texture or glaze.

A copy that exceeds the original in terms of performance

Most often, buyers prefer structured finishes: wood-like ceramic tiling fully reflects the structure of the plant material. In order for the imitation to reach its climax, the piece products were shaped like parquet planks.

The analogue of sawn timber looks good in residential, office and public spaces.

  1. In the living room, piece products of a light shade will visually add volume, and dark color will emphasize the exclusivity of furniture.
  2. For the kitchen, as well as for the office, the abrasion index is important: if it is below III, and the food is cooked daily, then traces of intensive movements on the floor will soon be visible. A surface without a deep pattern is well cleaned of traces of cooking.
  3. Bedroom. Choose one of the well-known installation techniques, or be guided by the artistic layout of ceramic tiles imitating wood.
  4. Bathroom. It is also good to decorate the bathroom and toilet with ceramic material. It is proposed to create a unique design style that beautifully combines furniture, plumbing fixtures, and fittings. In order to avoid falls associated with moisture settling, products are selected with a rough surface.

Characteristics of wood effect tiling

  1. The size
  2. Shade
  1. Floor installation
  2. Texture component

Advantages of ceramic tiling

  • Compared to wood, it does not swell from moisture, protecting the base of the floor from leaks. Piece material is used in rooms with unstable temperatures and varying concentrations of water vapor in the air.
  • The ceramics are not damaged by bugs that can harm their natural counterpart.
  • The tile is not afraid of household chemicals, it is well cleaned.
  • The environmental friendliness of the finished coating excludes the occurrence of allergic reactions.
  • Hardwearing upper ensures long-lasting use of the finish material. Floor tiles under parquet fully replace wood and become an important element in classic design, country, Provence, ethno-style.
  • During installation, it quickly fits on a leveled base. A damaged element is much easier to replace than a parquet board.
  • The wear-resistant and durable material will provide the comfort of use for 2-3 decades, and with a particularly careful attitude – even for a longer period.
  • The financial indicator is also important: when buying, ceramic tiling will cost less than a natural wood floor.

With a huge list of advantages, floor tiles have one drawback: they are not able to give people natural warmth. But this is quite solvable when choosing heated floors.

In the company, customers are presented with options for ceramic tiling under a tree from famous manufacturers. With its help, floors, walls, kitchen aprons, podium and side surfaces of the bathtub, areas around washbasins, bidets, and toilet bowls are beautifully decorated.