Web Design

Web Design, How to create a flow of expensive orders?


Have you started making websites, but there are no good orders? Here’s how to make good money on web design. The work schedule and attitude to the client are the most important 90% of success depends on this. Do it right – you can sell your web design at a high price.

Explore your own worth

Start by analyzing what you are giving the client, how you are bringing it. Look at freelance exchanges, study agency offers. You will understand that conventionally all designers can be divided into two types.

What type are you? Implement the principles of UX / UI web design in your work, develop your marketing skills, albeit at a minimal level. Understand user paths on websites and learn to understand the customer.

The formula of expensive web design

A good product is a small part, conventionally 15% of success. Agree to work with customers whose product you really like. This is a kind of unconditional term that cannot be dispensed with. In return, you have to do a good, efficient web design.

Correct processes – another conditional 30% success. This is twice as important as just making a quality web design. If you make a good product, but forget
about organization and management, then you risk constantly delaying deadlines and instead of a neat structured work, you will get chaos and a lack of prospects.

Correct product presentation – 55%. If your presentation is to send a layout to the customer by mail, then be prepared for low receipts. Without the right presentation, the designer runs the risk of remaining at the minimum level of professional development.

Move away from “cosmetics” to tasks

The main mistake of novice designers is to reduce communication with the customer to the discussion of cosmetic solutions. Remember the popular “Let’s play with fonts, this is ugly” edit? This problem appears due to the wrong approach to the customer.

In most cases in web design, orders are done like this:

  • The conversation with the customer comes down to three components. Give the text, show
    what you like, tell us why you need a site.
  • The specialist leaves to paint. Satisfied prepares the concept.
  • Dumps the layout to the customer by mail.
  • Gets a bunch of edits.
  • Comes to the conclusion that the customer is an idiot.
  • It goes into an endless cycle of “edit-layout-edit”.

The problem here is that the web design only works with the visual component. Colors, fonts, palette subtleties are discussed. This is the wrong decision.

How an expensive designer works for web design?

In order not to receive endless edits and to make the customer satisfied, the work algorithm needs to be changed. You have received a request to develop a site. Ask for as much information about the project as possible. If the customer has any materials, let him send them by mail. Study the information and make an appointment – online or offline. On it, you need to draw out more information about the project.

Pre-presentation of yourself

At the meeting, immediately explain to the customer that you are not making a picture, but working
on solving his problem. Get information:

Optionally – if an idea appears during the conversation, then voice it. Find similar sites from the western internet. Try entering keywords. Show examples to the customer, ask what he liked best.

Many people are afraid to show examples and borrow content from other people’s colleagues. Supposedly people need a unique solution. No – the business needs a solution to a problem, and you need to explain it. It’s okay to be inspired by someone else’s site, no.

Prepare the layout

After talking with the customer, you will have a lot of background information on which you can create a layout. Try to make the web design not only beautiful and memorable but also functional.

Think about whether it will be convenient for a representative of the target audience to use your site? It is strange if the DOS-style web design will be offered not to experienced IT specialists, but to potential buyers of a milling machine.

Project presentation

The ideal presentation is a face-to-face meeting where you arrive with your laptop. If online, choose Skype with screen sharing.

If you send the layout to the customer by mail, then it is almost guaranteed that he will open it in the wrong resolution, the fonts in his Photoshop will go wrong,
or something else strange and incomprehensible will happen.

At the presentation, we act according to the algorithm:

  1. First, we remind the client’s goals, objectives and problems;
  2. We show the layout and disassemble, step by step, how everything works;
  3. We notice a lot of details that the customer may not pay attention to right away.
  4. We explain in controversial moments why it was done in one way or another.

By the way, leave a small clue or a minimal mistake in the web design – the customer always wants to change something, this is the psychology of any client. Correct it in his presence, the person will be pleased. After small comments and dialogue, you can transfer the finished product to the customer with a link to the file hosting service.

For tricky cases, try the workshop

If a customer comes to you with the task “to update the site, otherwise the old one is out of date” – in most cases he himself does not know why he needs it. After the dialogue, you still don’t understand how the redesign will help him get more customers or “screw up” existing ones to buy more.

The customer is often mistaken in the formulation of the problem. The solution is to hold a workshop with the customer’s representatives and himself.

Turn off your phones, conduct a detailed audit of a product or service, discuss their development strategy. For the customer, this is an opportunity to assemble a third-party brainstorming team. For you, a new challenge to the skills of a designer and marketer.

How to make a lot of money in web design

To get good orders with high pay, you need to understand: in addition to the “drawing” itself, the freelance designer will actually have to act as the general director of the studio.

You need to deal not only with creating layouts, but also with sales, advertising, positioning, and your own marketing. Ideally, hire people and gradually turn into a studio.

Consider all costs and invest them in the cost of the project. Budget advertising and marketing expenses, add the salaries of programmers and copywriters to the cost. 

Avoid direct advertising and cold selling

The main audience that will come to you after such a promotion is a small business with a minimal budget. They have no experience in digital, they think that creating a web design is very easy.

The main disadvantages of customers that cold sales bring you:

  • Wants fast, cheap, and high quality. Desirable, like Apple.
  • He wants a magic pill – to invest 5 thousand in the site and get millions.
  • Wants profit and sales guarantees.

Where can a designer find customers who will be interested in a product that solves their problems? Things are a little more complicated.

Use content marketing

Meaning in a set of marketing techniques based on the creation and dissemination of useful information to your target audience. You need to demonstrate to your audience that you know your niche. You are a professional who is ready not only to draw a picture but to solve problems and help in sales.

The advantages of this promotion mechanism are that it is not direct advertising and, with a high-quality presentation, it inspires the trust of a potential buyer. Less – you have to spend more time and money.

This can be a blog site, publications on third-party sites that your customers read. Distribution of benefits through social networks and video hosting. Almost any channel from which users get information can become a platform for your content marketing.